Displaced oedipal scene


This article describes The individual case of a patient is described which leads/brings at the beginning of his analysis the predominant theme of a multiple and stratified archaic primary scene, whose constitutive factors appear “displaced”, such as jagged orthopedic fractures, and condensed in a cumulative traumatic time. It  soon become clear that the oedipal scene taken into consideration is shared by the entire family group and, through the activity of the “valences” that automatically connect the unconscious related elements within the group (Bion, 1961), extended to the contiguous social environment, which resounds (Neri, 1995) with its profound elements. The difficulties of enucleation of this disseminated oedipal scene and of the fragments that form it, aggregated by the patient in the terrifying icon of the maternal body that could die and finally organized in the severe obsessive compulsive symptom are considered. It is hypothesized that the diffusion in the environment of the elements connected to the oedipal tragedy of the originary jealousy and envy, derives from the defense organized by himself to protect the patient, whose emotional life, severely opaqued by obsessiveness and destabilized by humoral oscillation, expresses a destinal gloom. In the treatment it can be reconstructed that in the collusive defensive agreement underlying the familiar and environmental group, the feelings of marginalization of the unresolved primary scene had been transformed into privilege, and the oedipal desire denied in an eschatological dream of redemption from guilt, and hope of Edenic return.

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