The primal scene, the analytically oriented group and the Oedipal configurations


This paper aims to highlight how the changes in social contexts have potentially modified the fantasies and the experiences related to the primal scene and to the oedipal configurations, shrinking the space available to imagination and to the processes of subjectivation, ensuing the risk of negative aftereffects both on the subject and on his approaches to relationships. The author maintains that the analytically oriented group can be the place where the recovery of imaginative and creative thinking is allowed, a circle capable of nourishing the subject and expanding his approaches to relationships, without falling into the mistakes of exchanging the part with the whole and without falling prey to standardizing prejudices.
The group, actually, leads the participants to revisit the essential stages of existence, to review their fantasies about sexuality, about the relations between generations and about transgenerational matters, along with all the complexity of current oedipal configurations. The chance of dealing with the deadly aspects that weave through the Oedipal tragedy, such as the unsaid, the search for a culprit and a scapegoat, deadly potentialities for any human group, makes the small group analytically oriented a valid model for a more extended social dimension as well.

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