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Introduction to dialogue

Having unexpectedly to edit a new issue of Funzione Gamma, inherent in music and in music by correlating with the psychoanalytic point of view, I was found myself, not being an expert in the field, to make use of various memories and some predilections, such as the one for Mozart’s works.
In the recent conference “In Music, between Adolescence and Psychoanalysis”, organized by the ARPAD Association of which you are President, last October at the Salesian University, dedicated to temporality and music in the era of adolesc

ent development, I have been very interested in your Presentation. In particular because your introductory speach seemed to both contain and harmonize the three perspectives – adolescence, music, psychoanalysis – in a masterly and original way. Above all, it impressed me for some active factors of your communication with the audience, which was certainly trained in part, or alsso not acculturated, given that many of them were still specializing at the beginning of training. Yet communication circulated in a nutritious and equal way for all and seemed to have touched, as the French guest François Marty noted, all the elements of the configuration.

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