Professor Marinelli provided an exhaustive introduction to the subject matter of this edition, therefore I would like to take this opportunity to add my personal experience and thoughts related to the Conference of the Institute of Group Analysis “Rasztów”, as well as the idea of creating this publication in the internet magazine Funzione Gamma.
I would like to start by expressing my gratitude to Professor Stefania Marinelli for accepting our invitation and creating this very interesting work out of this inspiration. Thank you, on behalf of myself and all the Conference participants invited to contribute Katarzyna Prot-Klinger, Maciej Zbyszewski and Tomasz Kudelski.
Italy has always been my great love. I adore this country for its diversity, beauty, history, art and for its people, with their hospitability and open-mindedness.  

Perosnal memory

In the years 1995-1998 I studied music therapy at the school of Gianluigi di Franco (ISFOM) in Naples. I was the first and perhaps the only foreigner attending the course, which caused quite a sensation. I was considered “exotic” as I came from a northern country, seen as cold and rigid. There was a lot of doubt in the air as to whether we would be able to communicate and find some common ground. The cold distance of the North versus the emotionality of the South. We succeeded and I was left enamoured with psychotherapy and forever curious about others.
In my attempts to follow Italian psychoanalytic literature, I came across Il Gruppo e l’Anoressiaby Stefania Marinelli. Apart from the topic itself, which is fascinating, I fell in love with the language used by the author, full of melody, love and poetry. Hence the desire to meet her in person and the resulting idea to invite Professor Stefania Marinelli to our annual Conference.
The article presented by Professor Marinelli was more than interesting. It proved inspirational not only for the discussant, but also for the audience and other conference participants, prompting a vigorous discussion and thought sharing. Once more I revelled in the feeling of the two worlds dear to me coming together.

What brought us together was our open-mindedness, the analytical group method and the share desire to communicate.
The result of this “bridge” is in front of you.
I wish you a pleasant read!