N.37 – Published in 2016 – Edited by Fiore Bello and Lucia Tombolini – Visca Catalunya, Antoni Tapies lithograph, 1923.

Presentation – Research and clinical application of group therapy within mental health services

Reflections on psychoanalytic contributions to understanding (psychiatric) institutions

Inscription into the community. A footnote on a Lacanian approach to the group treatment of psychosis

Group Psychotherapy in the Public Sector: The Impact of the Organisation on the Primary Task

Clinical psychology internship training and group psychological interventions in Mental Health Centres

Set up and evolution of a rehabilitation group in a Therapeutic Community: Grounded Theory

CBT-oriented group therapy for acute psychiatric inpatients: effects on aggression and emotional regulation

The role of psychoanalysis in the welfare state crisis: from taking care of the patient to taking care of the healthcare institutions

Extended groupality and relationship building How to deinstitutionalize institutions

Transcript analysis of Multi-Family Psychoanalysis Group and action research in a public Therapeutic Community

Transit from individual to group: network thinking in the foundation of a limited time group of therapy in a Public Service