School-mistresses learn from impasse


This article talks about the plan called Working together.. One by one!,- realized since May until September 2011in an Institute of Schools lies in Abruzzo-, composing the evolving stages of its journey, referring to the application of pratique-à-plusieurs’ device in the work with groups of school-mistresses of the nursery and primary school. The need of opening a listening space in which new answers to the question of an institution being in trouble with the promotion of a collaborative culture between its operators could ripen and settle, established the possibility of doing this experience. The intervention was thought and planned on the importance to rebuild the educational speech and the scholastic field from the two dimensions of the subject and the desire, referring to the application of the lacanian psychoanalysis in social institutions. The practicality of this experience turns in the possibility of questioning them one by one, on how invent the way to become a desiring équipe in which everyone takes is own place from which contributes together with the others to find a logic of common working that finds in the workgroup that instance which supports and orients every teacher to not give in to the impasse on which the educative practice moves question. The article reflects in its expositive organization, the real need with which the plan has to compare itself to succeed in promoting the novelty of its proposal, in other words a policy that meets the disease of the Institution in which emerges, through a new view of the teachers’ training entrusted to the psychologist that works at school. A training that doesn’t give or prompt the way, in which the psychologist is in the position of the third that has function to support teaching and opens a field in which nobody teaches something to someone but it takes place the opening to saying that receives ideas and hypothesis able to allow everyone to meet in what they invent a point on which support themselves.

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