Inextricable apeira


The article talks about the theory of psychodrama as it is actualized and played in the centre Apeiron. The importance to transmit this instrument of work to the generations of psychotherapists, is in the necessity of a permanent training, of Seminars, of Supervision, of Cartels, of the plan made by the school Sipsa- Coirag (1), and of  psychoanalysis. The methodological value of psychodrama is to combine technique with a psychoanalytical theory as an own device of word’s practice in which the subject makes a question and through the word finds the relation of desire with the question that is heterogeneous. Desire that meets the lack in the development of the lost jouissance’s mourning but hopelessly followed, through the autonomous reflection of the patient on himself, in the “role’s change”, in the “dubbing” of other members, the possibility to speak from the place of the Other in the actualization of the play.

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