The fragility of the links in the adoptive family: is it a terminable or interminable adoption?


In Italy the Social and Health Services have seen an increase in the number of reports of adoptive families in crisis. The reports involve teenagers adopted mostly from Eastern Europe in the early 90s who have experienced significant mental suffering. Through a case study of Family Psychoanalytic Therapy the authors analyze the specific qualities of the adoptive link as an original and specific version of the filial and consanguine link. The hypothesis put forward is that the adoptive family has its syncretic foundation in a “link of alienness” and that processing this link becomes central to resolving the family crisis. The authors highlight the central stages Read more


The Unconscious and Narcissism in Subjects Who Have Ties


The author points out that psychoanalytic work in group discussions and requires special skills. Starting from the Freudian metapsychology and examining the theories of Bleger, he examines in particular the model of the double limit of Green, developed by Freud’s first topography, distinguishes between inside and outside, between the conscious and unconscious. Read more


Group Field and School Context.


We have chosen the previous quotation because we consider it accounts for some unconscious beliefs shared by the social groups which are part of the community, such us parents, journalists, teachers, students, politicians and leaders. Based on Bion’s approach to groups, we could say that the aforementioned groups show beliefs that make them work as Basic Assumption Groups, either because school represents the << Leader>> or because it embodies << the Messiah>> who solves whatever happens, or because school turns dangerous and becomes the object to << Fight>>; in short, because school does not fulfill the expectations pinned on it. This is what we have found in discourses and representations analyzed in a research on << Violence Breaking out at Schools>> conducted through the years 2005 and 2011.
The research placed focus on the different teaching levels in Southern Greater Buenos Aires (Province of Buenos Aires) and Northeastern area of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
On this article, we focus on reflections upon the groups from the secondary level of official education, based on the sample upon which the fieldwork was conducted. We will deal with the collective representations parents, teachers and adolescents have about << what they feel, think and do as integral groups of school as institution>> when some critical incident breaks out in school scene.
Surveys, interviews and participant observations were carried out so as to identify what each group understands by << violence>>, what Read more