Fusional experiences and fantasies in the analytic group

Abstract: The present article aims to explore the fusional levels of the analytic group. First of all, a definition of the term fusionality is reported, taken mostly from the work of Neri et al., (1990). Then the fusional functioning of the psychoanalytic group is investigated. Given that these conceptualizations are still in their infancy, it is important to emphasize that this text is an initial food for thought that certainly needs a more i Read more


From symbiosis to fusionality: observing the newborn to understand the adult

The main purpose of this article is to describe the path from symbiosis to fusionality, since, despite these two terms are frequently used in the psychoanalytic literature, they are often named in a way that is not always clear, especially the latter.
It is my personal belief that, instead, an explanation and correlation of these two concepts can be extremely useful and that, above all, it can help to understand the importance of studying the newborn for all the psychologists and psychotherapists regardless of the type of patient Read more


The loving couple in the fusional area

AbstractThis article is linked to a previous one (Piermattei, 2019) that deepened the concepts of symbiosis and fusionality. We have therefore started from the first neonatal life and we are now searching for the traces of that primordial experience in adult life. The basic idea of both the articles is that some primordial quotas remain active throughout the entire life span, in a physiological way. In particular, the experience of the loving couple is investigated here since it is Read more