The loving couple in the fusional area

AbstractThis article is linked to a previous one (Piermattei, 2019) that deepened the concepts of symbiosis and fusionality. We have therefore started from the first neonatal life and we are now searching for the traces of that primordial experience in adult life. The basic idea of both the articles is that some primordial quotas remain active throughout the entire life span, in a physiological way. In particular, the experience of the loving couple is investigated here since it is considered one of the human experiences in which the fusional mode appears in all its strength. Indeed, the loving couple builds through this peculiar relational mode, a third space, built by the similarities and concordances of the two partners. Some passages from Emily Brontë’s novel Wuthering Hights will also be used to highlight the fusional and symbiotic aspects of the loving couple.

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