The adult and the group in the years of growth


Today’s clinical, the undetermined of the contemporaneous aspects, for example what we call the borderline cases or the whole cohort of the depressive, maybe have to be considered like the symptom of a society without projects, without hope, if not for an immediate satisfaction. The emotion we have is that often the metaphoric function of words is scraped out and the function of images dominates. Nevertheless we don’t have to forget that each person approaches imaginative shapes of symbolization before approaching verbal shapes. We should also consider the family’s role and the one of the new families the one of the subjective consequences of the progressive disappearance of the father’s symbolic function. This function has been regained in an authoritative manner from the society and it’s controlling instances which enjoin us to produce concrete and visible actions, in other words an Institution that is able to codify acts, evaluate useful actions and is also able to be efficient. We have to ask ourselves if the question that people ask us – answering to the individual’s and the groups’ sufferance- is not a way of limiting in a therapeutic space a general suffering, words that have lost their metaphoric value, so that we don’t have to consider on a more general level the loss of meta-social and meta-psychic guarantees.

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