The contemporary virtual network: wandering Oedipus


This article studies how the psychic scene and the representability mobilized by the Network aresimilar to those of the dream. Starting from the representability in the Network, it shows how the Network puts in immediate contiguity the most intimate dimension of the psychism with the dimensions of the collective and even of the mass. The representability of the Network puts transitionality at work. This outlines that intersubjective and collective links on the Network are organized according to a main process: topical transfer. Starting from this observation, this articlestudies the existence of family complexes, primal fantasies and imagos on the Network. This study analyses the Oedipus complex as a meta-complex that organizes the gifts of forbidding amongchildren. By taking into account the myth of Oedipus and the clinical studies related to runaway and wandering amongst deprived children and adolescents, it shows how the Network questions the subjects’ bonds with their origins and with identities and identifications of belonging. The questioning of modes of representation and mass effects in the Network leads to light archaic behaviors, that call for a new way of expressing drive renunciations and the gifts of forbidding.

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