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A psychological support group for the parents of patients with eating disorders

Abstract This article aims to describe the experience of conducting a psychotherapy group for parents of patients affected by eating disorders, took place in the General Hospital Sant’Orsola, in Bologna (Italy). The first part describes a theoretical analysis of the … Continue reading

The homogenous group in the clinical practice of new symptoms. Some notes on the Lacanian psychoanalytic perspective

Abstract The topics presented in this paper aim to answer three questions. The first: what is it that justifies the changes of contemporary psychopathological forms?  The second: why resort to the group when treating anorexia and bulimia? The third: when … Continue reading

Homogeneous time-limited groups and eating disorders

Abstract This work describes some hypotheses on the functioning of the homogeneous time-limited group mechanism used in the treatment of eating disorders, led with a psychoanalytic vertex observation. The work is divided into 4 main parts. In the first part, … Continue reading

Therapeutic factors in the psychoanalytically oriented homogeneous group for eating disorders

Abstract What emerges then is a self that is incomplete or vulnerable, or a self that has either not developed its own functions and objects or has only been to able to do it both by sacrificing, cutting off and … Continue reading

Historical Introduction to Group therapy in the treatment of anorexic- bulimic disorders

Abstract The history of homogeneous groups is presented, since they were first created in USA at the beginning of ‘900 until they were realized as a psychoanalitical thought of group, by Bion and Foulkes in Europe. The homogeneous group with … Continue reading

Note about a new Association for the Research on the Homogeneous Group

This issue of Function Gamma on “The Homogeneous Group” was edited by A.R.G.O. (Association for the Research on Homogeneous Groups), with the collaboration of the Psychiatric Consultation Service, S.P.D.C. San Filippo Neri, Mod.19, D.S.M., U.S.L. ROMA E. It comes out … Continue reading

Reflections on supervising groups of HIV positive patients with personality disorders

Abstract This paper is a critical reflection on the supervision of two groups of HIV positive patients with personality disorders for the duration of five years. The patients all suffered from personality disorders of various degrees, and they had became … Continue reading

Presentation, Clinical and training in Homogeneus Group

An introductory synthesis for this edition of Funzione Gamma Request for dynamic group training in emerging and frontier areas today, is ever more frequent. These areas require interventions targeted at and limited by time; as Giannelli and Zucca write “to … Continue reading