Homogeneous time-limited groups and eating disorders


This work describes some hypotheses on the functioning of the homogeneous time-limited group mechanism used in the treatment of eating disorders, led with a psychoanalytic vertex observation. The work is divided into 4 main parts. In the first part, the authors describe the meaning of homogeneous group and its characteristics particularly in terms of  specific therapeutic elements and group functioning. In the second part, an analysis of the homogeneous group within the treatment of eating disorders is carried on. In the third part of the work, Time-limited group psychotherapies are presented, being these characterized from a prearrangement of the term; concepts which appear specific of time-limited group, such us the one of Treatment Episode, time-limited group psychotherapy main therapeutic factors and the peculiarity of management are therefore discussed.
Finally, the authors describe their clinical experience with an homogeneous time-limited group for patients affected from eating disorders. The life of their group and the principal themes the group has worked on during a period of nine months are narrated using the dream as a privileged vertex of group process observation.

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