Homogeneous time-limited groups and eating disorders


This work describes some hypotheses on the functioning of the homogeneous time-limited group mechanism used in the treatment of eating disorders, led with a psychoanalytic vertex observation. The work is divided into 4 main parts. In the first part, the authors describe the meaning of homogeneous group and its characteristics particularly in terms of  specific therapeutic elements and group functioning. In the second part, an analysis of the homogeneous group within the treatment of eating disorders is carried on. In the third part of the work, Time-limited group psychotherapies are presented, being these characterized from a prearrangement of the term; concepts which appear specific of time-limited group, such us Read more


The Myth of the Self Made Man realistic and function of dreams in patients with eating disorders


In this paper we analyze the case of a patient who comes in for consultation conducted of binge eating. We intend this as an eating disorder that shows early alterations in the psychic structure, caused by the dynamics of dependence of the patient towards the mother who adopted as a way of disinvestment affective behavior. The patient seems to be a myth, which is that of “Self Made Man”. In this she finds herself. So are depicted in relation to the divestment mother. This identification with the myth has generated an emphasis on the cognitive component at the expense of the body and, consequently, has developed a hierarchization for the cognitive. In the paper we analyze a Dream and also its latent sentence. This, is not a way to realize desires but is a realistic thinking, and appears as a reality that was Read more