Preface, Truth and evolution in “O” in Bion’s work

It was not easy to give an order, or even a sequence, to the thematic contributions of so many authors, from a variety of places and cultures (England, Brazil, France, Israel, Italy), approaching Bion’s thinking in an effort to share the idea that psychoanalysis, as a “psychodynamic probe”, can continuously explore that which is happening while it is happening and produce new dimensions of meaning. More than a sequence, whether historical or thematic, we had in mind rather a simultaneous presentation in various dimensions. This is why we decided to open the issue (which is to be followed by a second) with an article focusing on Bion’s idea of the emotional turbulence created by the encounter between two or more minds and the need to try to produce new dimensions of meaning (Hinshelwood), taken from his work on truth as a truth-making process and therapeutic factor (Neri) or as a modulation between the tragedy of myth and the illusion of the fairytale (Ferro, in: Truth and evolution in “O” in Bion’s work, forth coming ) -and we considered that the elaborations treated and placed in sequence for their pertinence to various of Bion’s areas of thought (the mystical mind, creativity and knowledge) should be considered as dimensions contemporary with the occurrence of the various contributions. Indeed, the presentations are numerous and of various and far-flung origin. Each of them contains, for the reader who cares to come near, a turbulence to confront, a bond to create and an opportunity to learn from the experience. We wish to thank the authors and, along with our readers, hope to enjoy the fruit of this turbulence in order to learn to seek, in turbulence, an standpoint suitable to helping us recognise the experience.

Let the reading begin!