“The Narcissistic Wound in Diabetes” Reflections on a Group Psychotherapy with a Psychoanalytical Approach with Children Suffering from Diabetes


The objective of this work group, played with children aged between eight and twelve years with diabetes, and ‘was one part to bring patients to the acceptance of the disease, and the other to help them break free attitude overprotective parents. In this sense, the psychoanalytic therapy helps to come out of isolation and to rebuild a balance between mind Read more


Pregnancy in women with Type 1 Diabetes: Bio-psychological aspects


The article aims to present the bio-psychosocial aspects that are found in pregnant women with type 1 diabetes. In the context of diabetes, the event conception and throughout the pregnancy are to be identified as those phenomena which are closely interrelated and are biologically and psychologically. From this interdependence generates a total transformation and reorganization of ‘psychic identity and body as well as significant interpersonal relationships (parental figures, partners) to which are Read more