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Stay connected. The use of videogames in the treatment of adolescents

Abstract This article aims to focus on how the occasional use of videogames in psychoanalytic sessions with adolescents can be useful to share the adolescent experience during sessions. The distinctive characters of the analytic relationship with adolescents are underlined, and, … Continua a leggere

Group psychotherapy with alcoholic patients: some theoretical and clinical issues

Abstract With this article we hope to illustrate how changing theoretical views within the psychoanalytic understanding of the mind and psychopathology of the alcoholic patient have lead to a shift in our clinical approach of these difficult patients. Starting from … Continua a leggere

“The Narcissistic Wound in Diabetes” Reflections on a Group Psychotherapy with a Psychoanalytical Approach with Children Suffering from Diabetes

Abstract The objective of this work group, played with children aged between eight and twelve years with diabetes, and ‘was one part to bring patients to the acceptance of the disease, and the other to help them break free attitude … Continua a leggere