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Therapeutic Factors?

Abstract Re-examination of the therapeutic factors in group treatment is not a rhetorical exercise. Developments in our understanding of the group psychic apparatus suggest that this unconscious dimension structures the subject’s psyche from birth onward. Moreover, given the current socio-cultural … Continua a leggere

Leading from below? Decisions, responsibility and creativity as a group dynamic

Abstract The institution tends to organise the individual in standard ways. And individuals are vulnerable to being organised for the convenience of the institution. Probably psychiatric patients needing hospitalisation are especially vulnerable to this coercive influence. This has for long … Continua a leggere

Adolescents and smartphones in art-therapy laboratory

Abstract This article deals with a group psychotherapy with adolescents in the particular context of an art-therapy laboratory. It aims to describe new possible settings with adolescents and demonstrate how new elements like smartphones can be used as a creative … Continua a leggere

Getting your tutu wet: Creativity, Destructiveness and Survival

Abstract We are constantly made aware of destructiveness and hatred at the individual and organizational levels and are exhorted to recognize,  condemn and to expel such behavior or it’s manifestations in ourselves and in our societies. However it is my … Continua a leggere

Forms of institutions. Creative and Destructive Processes

Abstract This essay examines different aspects of the life of institutions. Through an analysis working on an anthropological and psychoanalytical level, contrasting yet coexisting aspects are brought to light. Beginning from an analysis of the recent film The Lobster, which … Continua a leggere

Ouverture. Institutions and thoughts toward a creative interchange

Abstract In this text I discuss the relationship between institutions and the mind as it has been developed in the socio-economic literature and in the psychoanalityc literature of Bionian matrix. Moreover, I identify “thinkability” as the complementary background of this … Continua a leggere

Reflection on Foulkes and basic assunts, “Italianiter”

Abstract The group becomes a place where bygone lacerations are exhibited, and where in the meantime hopefully a remedy will be found. The scars are the concrete evidence of our tormented stories, that show us our limits and those of … Continua a leggere

Lansquenet from “tranquillité” to play. Based upon the film Chocolat by Lasse Hallström

Abstract New is amazing, it affects senses, like a cold winter wind striking one’s face, like a red cloak standing out in the dullness of late winter night, like a good hot chocolate delighting even the most suspicious palate with … Continua a leggere

The happiness of dreaming

Abstract The function of dream is seen as an important resource of the group. It represents the history, the ideas, the thoughts, the memories, the sentiments that  the group has experienced and developed over time. This tradition crosses through the … Continua a leggere

The body creates the head: sensations inventions and affective transformations in gruoups of children

Abstract The body with its resources of sensoriality, expressions and gestures is at the centre of the scene in children’s groups, the heart of the action, imagination, invention and exchange. An individual and collective process of ongoing creation and redefinition … Continua a leggere