N.41 – Published in 2018 – edited by Fiorella Ceppi, Claudia Tardugno, Andrea Narracci, Federico Russo, Luciana De Franco – Cover “Inclusione, ascolto, riflessione” by CaterinaTabasso

Introduction “Roman days of multi family psychoanalysis”

The therapeutic process of a difficult patient explained through Jorge García Badaracco’s multi-family psychoanalysis approach

The emotional climate: the process of building it and contribution to change

Conduction Group in Multifamily Psychoanalysis: setting and countertransference

Pathological and pathogenic interactions in Multi-Family Psychoanalysis

Evaluation of psychodynamic multi-family group therapy for psychiatric patients and their families. A proposal of a process-outcome assessment protocol

The paternal function in psychoanalysis: the therapist’s role inside a multiple family therapy setting