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Dreamtelling as a request for containment and elaboration in group therapy

Abstract The traditional, intrapersonal way of working with dreams has been enriched by an interpersonal approach (Ferenczi, 1913, Kanzer 1955). Dreaming may no longer be viewed as an exclusively internal and autonomous working-trough (event) occurrence, as classical approaches suggest (Freud … Continua a leggere

Dreamtelling as a request for containment – Three Uses of Dreams in Group Therapy

Abstract Dreams told in a therapeutic setting are challenging events from an experiential and technical perspective. Their contents seem fantastically rich for the one side, but often overwhelmingly chaotic in their implications for relations. Many clinicians lack know-how about how … Continua a leggere

Raccontare i sogni come richiesta di contenimento: tre usi del sogno in terapia di gruppo

Abstract I sogni possono essere concettualizzati e lavorati proficuamente in gruppo come uno spazio intersoggettivo nel gruppo in cui sia il sognatore sia l’intero gruppo (compreso il conduttore) aiutano a lavorare attraverso le emozioni (Ogden, 1996). Il dreamtelling introduce un … Continua a leggere