Bion and Jung


Covid-19 Pandemic and Online Therapy


N.48 – published in 2021 edited by Stefania Marinelli, Pietro Roberto Goisis and Silvio A. Merciai

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Polyphony of the body in psychoanalysis. The body in psychoanalytic research. New pathologies and psychoanalytic clinic

N.47 – Published in 2020 – edited by Adelina Detcheva – Painted by Lucio Fontana “Concetto Spaziale, Le Chiese di Venezia” 1961


Music, Group and the Unconscious

N.46 – edited by Édith Lecourt and Stefania Marinelli. Pablo Picasso, 1921, Three Musicians. Oil on canvas, 200.7 x 222.9 cm The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Federico Dazzi, Soundtrack for a painting, Rome, 2020 – – Ici, pour la version française


Family, group and psychoanalysis

N.45 – Published in 2020 – edited by Susanna Piermattei Painted by Vasilij Vasil’evič Kandinskij 1911


Groupal Oedipus and the primary scene in the network era

N.44 – Published in 2020, edited by Goriano Rugi. Image Géricault’s Study for “The Raft of the Medusa”, pen and brown ink, 17.6 cm × 24.5 cm, Musee des Beaux-Arts, Lille, France


Baby observation and analytic presence

N.43 – Published in 2019, edited by Susanna Piermattei, and Maria Vittoria Squillante. Image inspired by the book “Piccolo blu e piccolo giallo”


Trauma and Group. Working with homogeneity and differences

N.42 – Published in 2018, edited by Anna Mędrzejewska, Stefania Marinelli, Walter Iacobelli. Cover “The Mermaids Rock” by Edward Matthew Hale 1894


Roman days of multi family psychoanalysis

N.41 – Published in 2018 – edited by Fiorella Ceppi, Claudia Tardugno, Andrea Narracci, Federico Russo, Luciana De Franco – Cover “Inclusione, ascolto, riflessione” by CaterinaTabasso


Group and Rite

N. 40 – published 2016 edited by Angela Tirabasso cover Śūnyatā: the difference between nothingness and emptiness that can be impregnated


Building a therapeutic community. A case of therapeutic engineering

N.39 – Published 2017 edited by Metello Corulli, Matteo Biaggini – cover Pieter Bruegel, The Fight Between Carnival and Lent, 1559. Kunshistorisches Museum, Vienna


Adolescents, group and new representations at the time of the internet

N.38 – Published 2017 edited by Giorgia Margherita e Fausta Romano – Another World II, Maurits Cornelis Hescher, Xilography, 1947


Research and clinical application of group therapy within mental health services

N.37 – Published in 2016 – Edited by Fiore Bello and Lucia Tombolini – Visca Catalunya, Antoni Tapies lithograph, 1923.


Thinking institutions

N.36 – Published in 2016 – edited by Roberta Patalano cover Escher “Relativity” (1953)


Play, bond and change in Psychodynamic Group Therapy for Children

N.35 – Published in 2016 – edited by Dondona A., Gnecchi-Ruscone S., De Tursi M.G


Group psychotherapy and border areas of contemporary psychiatry

N.34 – Published in 2015 – edited by Francesco Comelli The author, now considered an artist and a master of photography, attended as a user psychiatric services, and attended until today a gradual but firm and steady improvement also thanks to the groups. He embodies a good job linking among a dramatic past, a difficult […]


A memoir of the future

N.33 – Published in 2014 – edited by Giuseppe Civitarese, Robert D.Hinshelwood, Stefania Marinelli – photo by Claudio Neri, Palazzo Barberini: detail of the fresco by Pietro da Cortona “The Triumph of Divine Providence”


The psychoanalytic field according to the model developed by analysts of APdeba. Groupal aspects of the mind and their influence in groups, pairs, family, institutions

N.32 – edited by Vincenzo De Blasi, Liliana Ferrero – cover Lucio Fontana, Concetto Spaziale (1964)


The different applications of the group device, within clinical, social and organizational institutions

N.31 – edited by Sabrina Di Cioccio – cover “Festim” (2013) by Natália Gromicho


Groups for Adoptions

N.30 – Published in 2013 edited by Barbara Bianchini and Romana Brina


Although we are women

N.29 – Published in 2012 – Edited by Stefania Marinelli – Cover “holy body” talks about the female existence which is in suspension between a state of holiness and physical presence, between creative forces and limits that are imposed by mandatory reverence payed to the function of reproduction. In a continuous and inexorable circle, the […]


Psychoanalysis and Cinema: “Through a glass”

N.28 – Published in 2012 –edited by Sergio Stagnitta, Marco Tramonte.


About institutional containing. Containing and transformation in contemporaries organizations

N.27 – Published in 2011 – edited by Mario Perini. – R.Magritte: Chambre d’écoute, 1958 – La corde sensible, 1960


Sensoriality, corporeity, and sexuality in the group

N.26 – Published in 2011 –edited by Silvia Corbella, Stefania Marinelli, Paola Russo. – The geometrical structure and written language tend to dissolve, lose their borders and definition and evoke an emotional universe. The narration remains as a significant graphicalstructur which is very distant from a conventional specific point of reference. The light from the […]


Group and Migration

N.25 – Published in 2011- edited by Alfredo Lombardozzi e Angela Caselli.


Anorexia, Adolescence, Group

N.24 – Published in 2010-edited by Francesca Natascia Vasta, Raffaella Girelli. Robert Delaunay 1930 -Circular Forms


Reflections on the adolescent group with particular reference to trauma and accidents

N.23 – Published in 2009 –edited by Stefania Marinelli, Paola Carbone. – Designed by Henri Matisse:”Chute d’Icare ” 80×60 cm


The Ordering Function of Thought in Folktales

N.22 – Published in 2007 – Reprinted in 2009 –edited by Susanna Messeca, Ravit Raufman. – Painted by Marc Chagall, 1916


The place of the Unconscious is not only the individual mind: comparison beetween models

N.21 – Published in 2007 – Reprinted in 2009 –edited by Giulio Cesare Zavattini. – The paint by Joan Mirò