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Group therapy with bodily mediation for obese teenagers. Therapeutic containment when loosing weight

Abstract our reflection centers on the utility of the psychoanalytic body-based group as a way to take charge of teenager obesity. Indeed, the therapeutic group can work as a containment for obese teenagers when they are losing weight. Indeed, in … Continua a leggere

La musique, le groupe et la musicothérapie analytique de groupe à l’adolescence

Résumé Le sujet adolescent est contraint à la reconquête de son enveloppe sonore meurtrie par l’irruption pubertaire. C’est l’ensemble de l’univers sonore et en particulier le corps sonore qui se doit d’être réorganisé pour garantir la continuité narcissique de l’enfant … Continua a leggere

Music, group and group analytic music therapy in adolescence

Abstract The adolescent subject is required to recover their sound envelope bruised by puberty. All of the sound world and in particular the body’s sonority must be reorganized to guarantee the narcissistic continuity of the pubescent child. Music, especially when … Continua a leggere

Dissolution of boundaries and identity crisis in adolescence in the Network time: a dual /group approach

Abstract The author, after having identified the psycho-socio-structural modifications consequent to the pervasiveness of the virtual, proposes a reading of the adolescent identity construction starting from the risks coming from the dissolution of the typical boundaries of the digital age. … Continua a leggere

Self-generation as a structuring defense that testifies to the importance of groupal illusion in adolescence

Abstract. The author, comparing groups of children and groups of adolescents with the same device, shows that the Oedipus complex does not have the same organizer function. In adolescents, the primal scene, linked to its passivity, integrates them into an … Continua a leggere

Cybernetic Rituals and Rituality in the community of Digital Brothers: clinical and theoretical reflections

Abstract The present paper focuses on the theme of ritual in adolescence. Firstly, the function of ritual in adolescence and related pubertal transformation are discussed. The crisis of rituals in post-modern societies is mentioned and possible subsequent outcomes of that, … Continua a leggere

Stories and therapeutic groups of adolescents between dream and reality

Abstract We are going to present the experience about an open therapeutic group for adolescents, aged from 13 to 17 years,  followed by the Community Mental Health in Treviglio (BG). They are affected by personality disorders, conduct disorders, mood disorders, … Continua a leggere

Stay connected. The use of videogames in the treatment of adolescents

Abstract This article aims to focus on how the occasional use of videogames in psychoanalytic sessions with adolescents can be useful to share the adolescent experience during sessions. The distinctive characters of the analytic relationship with adolescents are underlined, and, … Continua a leggere

Adolescents and smartphones in art-therapy laboratory

Abstract This article deals with a group psychotherapy with adolescents in the particular context of an art-therapy laboratory. It aims to describe new possible settings with adolescents and demonstrate how new elements like smartphones can be used as a creative … Continua a leggere

Adolescent group, institution and virtual world: the negotiation of boundaries

Abstract In this paper the authors propose a reflection on how digital era has changed the communication and relationships among adolescents. The focus is placed on how the unlimited possibilities offered by the virtual world can rinforce the omnipotence of … Continua a leggere

Therapeutic Crossroads: Adolescents, Families, Groups. Experiences in a Dedicated Service

Abstract The authors reflect on the cultural and macro-social transformations which are effecting adolescents and their families and the consequent youth difficulties and possible developments. Different aspects of working in a Psychological Counselling Service with young people between eighteen and … Continua a leggere

Adolescence, adolescents and new family systems

Abstract This article explores the consequences of children’s adolescence on the family system. An introduction provides the theoretical framework of the phenomena described. On one side, the complexity theory and constructivist philosophy, and on the other, a psychoanalytic hypothesis reshaping … Continua a leggere

“I have a recurring dream…” Experiencing or imagining? Reclusion, proto-depression, peer group

Abstract Adolescence is considered a specific stage of human beings, well distinct from childhood and adulthood. Not a middle way, but a condition in itself, with specific characteristics, anguishes, and defense modalities. After a brief introduction on the hypothesis developed … Continua a leggere

Group Field and School Context. << If Society Has an Itch, School Gets Scratched>>

Abstract We have chosen the previous quotation because we consider it accounts for some unconscious beliefs shared by the social groups which are part of the community, such us parents, journalists, teachers, students, politicians and leaders. Based on Bion’s approach … Continua a leggere

Group Field in the Subjective Adolescent Constitution

Abstract In puberty-adolescence, the group allows and favours in the adolescent the pathway towards subjectivation, transmitting a feeling of social belonging through the use of games of reciprocal identifications. At the end of this process, the adolescent may think similarly, … Continua a leggere

Juno, Claire, Camille: How cinema recounts the experience of pregnancy in adolescents

Abstract The paper proposes, through the analysis of three films, “Juno”, “Brodeuses” (The embroiderers) and “17 girls”, some reflections on the difficulties of the encounters of adolescents with their own generating capacity. The pregnancies arise from profoundly different contexts and … Continua a leggere

Adolescence and Reckless Driving: Critical Reflections

Abstract Analysing the data of a previous study, the authors present a number of considerations on the problem of adolescent reckless driving, noting that quantitative studies furnish a sort of snapshot of adolescent risky behaviour but do not equip one … Continua a leggere

Adolescents in the Hospital:accidents and pre-traumatic psychological dynamics

Abstract Objective: To explore the psychological characteristics and relationship factors pertaining to adolescents admitted to surgical and orthopaedic hospital wards for accidents of various kinds, in order to increase knowledge of the dynamics which contribute to accident risk among adolescents. … Continua a leggere

The ordalic scene and the work of individuation/separation at adolescence

Abstract This research studies the impact of the ordeal scene (old eng: ordal judgement) as being a mode of symbolization, specifically primary symbolization. We questioned the function of going through the experience of flirting with danger and with death that … Continua a leggere

Presentation of clinical material about a therapeutic group of teenagers

Abstract The author presents a group of duration of one year, which is constituted by six members aged between 16 and 22 minutes. The sessions are weekly duration of an hour and thirty minutes. In the first session the therapist … Continua a leggere

Anorexia: the risk of a suicidal nihilism to survive in adolescence

Abstract Death as what makes possible the anorexic subject’s referring to other, in the happened admission of the unsubstantiality of what in which he previously pleasing, strove himself: the assurance of the Other’s jouissance (Lacan J., 1973). The «will of … Continua a leggere

Anorexia, Adolescence, Group

Abstract The overview of the anorexic disorder may be confronted through two different axes: one that proceeds through the intra-psychic depths, in search of personal factors which impede the fulfilment of individual personality, and a social axis, which pinpoints through … Continua a leggere

Individuation of the self and eating disorders in adolescence

Abstract The purpose of this article is to present an etiopathogenetic hypothesis of eating disorders (DCA) during adolescence, from the theoretical model of Self Psychology and clinical experience gained in the field. According to this hypothesis, a particular structural deficit … Continua a leggere

Presentation: Anorexia, Adolescence, Group

In 2004, Funzione Gamma introduced the 14th edition of “Groups with anorexic patients: therapeutic factors”. Today, we are glad to present the continuation of the dialogue we started back then, to further proceed in our attempt to combine theoretical model … Continua a leggere

Group psychotherapies: new answers to new questions

Abstract Group for the Recovery of Functions wants to be a new therapeutic resource available to operators, with its specificity. Specificity which consists not only of a group setting as a scenario that generates symbols i.e. a place where it … Continua a leggere

Adolescent mind and neurosciences

Abstract Adolescent Mind Transformation and Neurosciences. We have lately been observing a great development both in neurophysiologic and in neuropsychological research aiming to explain and integrate, on  behalf of some scientists, how scientific breakthroughs may be of utility  in confirming … Continua a leggere