Articoli che contengono il tag: group dynamics

Leading from below? Decisions, responsibility and creativity as a group dynamic

Abstract The institution tends to organise the individual in standard ways. And individuals are vulnerable to being organised for the convenience of the institution. Probably psychiatric patients needing hospitalisation are especially vulnerable to this coercive influence. This has for long … Continua a leggere

Wilfred’s Razor. A reading of W.R. Bion’s A Memoir of the Future

Abstract The Author claims that Memoir of the Future is a text which develps with aesthetic and narrative methods the conceptual reform that had already out forward in Experience in groups and in Learning from Experience. The epistemological continuity between … Continua a leggere

Il rasoio di Wilfred. Leggendo Memoria del futuro di W.R. Bion

Abstract L’Autore sostiene che Memoria del Futuro sia un testo che sviluppa con strumenti letterari la proposta di riforma concettuale formulata in Esperienze e nei gruppi e in Apprendere dall’esperienza. La continuità epistemologica fra i testi bioniani è intesa come … Continua a leggere

Rejecting the foreigner as an institutional symptom and a specific defence modality within groups: A paradigmatic case

Abstract The paper presents what happened in Padua, after 14 years of peaceful cohabitation apparently without any conflicts in the same school building, between an elementary school and a CTP for adult education and development of literacy among foreigners. Such … Continua a leggere